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Jun 11, 1983 (Age: 36)

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Sannensei, Male, 36, from Detroit

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Aug 18, 2016
    1. Lodium
      Hey dude, I know irl comes first so I'm guna post leaving your dimension n continue training. That is if you don't mind
      1. kronos
        yeah its kool, i had to drop a large amount of cash for a car Down payment so.......yea
        Jun 28, 2012
    2. Shadow Blade
      Hey Kronos,
      I was wondering, what is your character up to recently? I'm looking for some training and IF my memory serves me correctly (which I'm not sure), weren't you in the academy back wayyy back when it was me, your character, Tai and all the older guys? I feel it would make a great story line as well if he's not doing anything / if you're up to it.
    3. Janza
      Spinning reiatsu? I am confused... been distracted lately.
      1. kronos
        its the tech i use that got me all caught up wit the gm's in the HW
        Nov 14, 2011
    4. Janza
      What was your tech again? Did it involve something that was basically a derivation of shuunko? I have one I have been working on too if that is the case. If not... what is it you are talkin about lol.
      1. kronos
        the spinning reiatsu issue. now that its done i need to figure out what to do with the human world thing. your not the only one working on a shuunko tech. hell i'm cooking up about 5 techs, just gotta figure out the write ups.
        Nov 13, 2011
    5. Spidey
      Hey, do you mind doing an edit based on what clay is doing? I really don't want to find you guys honestly and if he does then i see no reason why Gaja wouldn't XD. But anyways, please do an edit after he does
    6. kronos
      nope! i haven't heard anything, nothing at all.
    7. Kyto
      so whats the word on the Rukongai?
    8. Kyto
      Mind if Kyto came along on this Rukongai expedition?
    9. Vigilante
      aight lemme know when ready and I'll post one up for ya then.
    10. Vigilante
      Hey man a little suggestion. You should try shortening your paragraphs to make it easier to read. Also, are you fighting someone's NPC? I could make one for you.
    11. Spidey
      I'm not going to say anything in my post, but the first part of your post isn't right. You didn't cut him at all, so being able to sense everything isn't going to work. Also, you can't tap into what he's using for power since the connection has been basically cut and he's left to other things for power.
    12. Kyto
      Hey dude do you have MSN?
    13. Kyto
      Posted something for you in the twelfth
    14. kronos
      yea i know no limits been around for awhile and they kinda started the whole " i'm garbage but my sounds new" scene. around 96-97 was when they got really big and the hip-hop scene never really recovered from it.
    15. El Mas Chingon
      *I mean Soulja Boy thread LOL
    16. El Mas Chingon
      LOL in response to ur No Limit comment in the rap section........ No Limit's been around since like '92 LOL.
    17. Kyto
      Dude Arashi isn't in the second anymore
    18. Kyto
      you have MSN?
    19. ~Senso~
      Its good to beback my friend =P
    20. shane
      i think you got xavier confused bro. hes holding it in, yes, but his spiritual pressure is still well above most peoples. think of him as this rp's kenpachi. he has no shikai, never will get bankai, he just has an abnormally massive amount of reiatsu.
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    "I'll put my Science in you! I'll put my Science in ALL OF YOU" - Doctor Nemesis


    Jun 11, 1983 (Age: 36)