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Apr 30, 2015
Jan 12, 2009
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Aug 10, 1985 (Age: 32)
Playing Volleyball

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Lovers in Japan, 32, from Playing Volleyball

is wondering where his sig pic has gone... Feb 23, 2010

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Apr 30, 2015
    1. Katracha
      Good to see you back Jurai! :3
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      2. Katracha
        lol well good to see you around anyways.
        May 19, 2011
      3. Jurai
        Thanks =)
        May 19, 2011
      4. Katracha
        Welcome. =)
        May 19, 2011
    2. Jurai
      is wondering where his sig pic has gone...
    3. Martzu
      I am really happy with it.
    4. Haohmaru
      It´s from Darker than Black. The anime has 2 season´s. My sig is from the OVA that´s going to be released soon.
    5. eddieson
    6. eddieson
      Sorry for the late reply, it seems I passed right by your message. That's right, you saying that you were a volleyball coach. For the men's or women's team?

      It's only about $6 to ship, and you don't have to draw in it. I don't think it's too late to enter if you do decide to. Also, nice pic you have on your page.
    7. Katracha
      Thanks ^^. and yes sir it is Misty May
    8. eddieson
      I don't live there. That's where my dad lives, but I did go to SSC.

      Also, are you planning on signing up for the book as well?
    9. Spidey
      lol np, i was kinda ify on it myself >.>
    10. Spidey
      btw, it isn't FC related. Anyone can post anything and people win not a FC
    11. eddieson
      Jurai, Beach Stars ch25 scan is finally out.
    12. Trejo
      Lol I'm waiting till I make something good enough to use as a set
    13. Trejo
      You got PS right? Easiest way for me is to create a new layer, then click image from the menu then apply image. After that press Ctrl+A to select all which will highlight your sig. After than you just click edit, then select stroke and select whatever options you want for your border.

      Hope that made sense.
    14. Trejo
      Bingo Jurai
    15. Martzu
      Sure thing =) If I remember right no one have made a FC for Air Gear in TAL. So it is all yours. Me or edds (who gets it first) will add it to the list and so on. Also count me in.
    16. eddieson
      Of course you can. You can put me down as a member as well.

      Oh, I'm still waiting on those Mikan pics. :fry
    17. krozar
      LOL wut. I was BSing. I didn't BAN you. I thread banned you (at least i hope I did) from a BS thread anyways. I did that to a lot of people, even friends. Chillax.

      Now the Lounge can go back to its modern-day dead and boring self. However I would have had to courtesy to have named ALL of the threads back to the original names, something Kakashi overlooked before going back to his cave.
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    Aug 10, 1985 (Age: 32)
    Playing Volleyball