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Aug 20, 2014
May 2, 2009
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Jan 21, 1991 (Age: 28)

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Jio Freed

Brigade Member, Male, 28, from Lisbon

broke my leg, one week after I dislocated my kneecap, now i'm with a cold, march is being awesome Mar 23, 2011

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Aug 20, 2014
    1. Jio Freed
      broke my leg, one week after I dislocated my kneecap, now i'm with a cold, march is being awesome
      1. MD
        MSN more you piece of shit.
        Mar 23, 2011
    2. MD
      SUP BA
    3. Jio Freed
      wish right now on a airplane
      1. SamsonW
        why would you do that?
        Aug 3, 2010
    4. Jio Freed
      wish right now wish right now
    5. Jio Freed
      fixing my old ps2, goddamn laser lens
      1. Clay
        Get a PS3
        Jul 15, 2010
      2. Jio Freed
        Jio Freed
        already have one, doesn't have backward compability.
        Jul 15, 2010
      3. Vicious
        had same issue. kept it though along with backwards fat 60gb and slim120gb. 60gb for 70bucks on ebay!
        Jul 15, 2010
    6. Jio Freed
      we're out of the world cup in a blazing flame of mediocrity
    7. Jio Freed
      agrees with Riley
    8. Jio Freed
      looks with shame upon cheating in games with no difficulty
    9. Jio Freed
      The poster below me likes My Chemica Romance and "dark" poetry
      1. Shadowsagefox
        LOL you were correct at one point but I'm far from emo. I enjoy the truth.
        Jun 23, 2010
    10. Jio Freed
      found out synonmin is a word
    11. MC Clean
      No no, its fine, I was just checking if you forgot. If you decide to give up, thats alright, I just wanted to know.
    12. MC Clean
      Hey man, you agreed to do that coloering request over a month ago, and Im just wondering how its going?
    13. MC Clean
      Yeah man, its cool, im not to like, expectant on it or anything, since its a coloring project, it may take long, and I dont mind.
    14. Sá Pinto
      ah, boa ;)
    15. Sá Pinto
      yeah, you too?
    16. sdsky
      about the md guy...he just neg rep me cause he said that there are lots of misinformation on my post...
      and cause he doesnt like my grammar and finds hard to read my post...

      which I just kinda wish he was to reply and show me where Im wrong (IF I am) ,so I could accept it ,or prove myself right.(instead of just going there and giving a neg rep without giving a reason for it)
      well,nothing I can do right ?lol
    17. sdsky
      Thanks,whenever you need help,just send me a message
    18. sdsky
      Well,maybe...couldnt find him/her tho...
      and even if there is...if he is the one that do all the neg rep..there wont be much use in talking to him...since he obviously got some sort of
      grudge on me..

      or maybe there is more than one person,one thing I know is that for two times(in a roll) it was the same person...

      well,what can I di right?not like the mods would do somethign about it if as asked them to...mainly if Im not sure it is the same
    19. sdsky
      Well,it seems to me like,everytime I get some good rep,a guy comes and jneg rep me...which makes my rep go down to zero for some

      nothing I can do I guess..last time,the guy just made sure to put an "MD" with the reputation message...but,I have no clue on what it means so...doesnt help much =/

      thanks anyway =)
    20. El Mas Chingon
      I found the chapter it's on the Naruto thread. It took so long cuz I was searching.
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    Who would've thought, even the Moon itself is an Uchiha:)


    Jan 21, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Photography and Writing