May 1, 2009
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Dec 12, 1985 (Age: 33)
Nowhere really, I am sorta a stray college student

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The Cake is a Lie, 33, from Nowhere really, I am sorta a stray college student

There are two very attractive females that are cleaning my apartment and get mad every time I try to do anything. Am I crazy? Mar 18, 2011

    1. Hara
      That'd be great! I'm in desparate need of finding people to rp with. I'm up for whenever, just lemme know!
    2. Martzu
      Okies, I'll listen =) Be on MSN in a min or two.
    3. Victory21
      Lol I edited my post to add Kiyame in there, didn't realizing you was also posting at the same time.
    4. Shadow Blade
      ahh alrighy, sounds good.
    5. Shadow Blade
      Ah yosh thank you, if you could wait till I get some training w/ Hara, i'll head over to the 2nd and hopefully we can get some training in. That would be alot of fun. I'd apprecaite it very much as well.
    6. Kyto
      Sorry for taking so long to post something, had a test today that needed major studying -_-
    7. Lodium
      yeah but think about it really, you got cut with the were-gene much like snin which makes you another half breed.
    8. Lodium
      not really cause you never expressed janza as having any sort of wolf abilities
    9. Martzu
      I have noticed Hikage being busy as a bee O_O
    10. MK Ultra
      Yo, did you want to do a little training or something with Makoto? I ended the Mikama arc thing since he cannot really post for awhile lol.
    11. MK Ultra
      Well I think Katracha and myself got this one. It was supposed to be a little arc for the development of Mikama (naka's character), but he is having troubles with his computer. If you are patient, I have an Rp wide arc written up for sometime after teh tournament. Of course, everyone else who had their arcs come first will do theirs first, but I can almost guarantee that my arc will be worth the wait. Buuuuuuutttt, if you aren't that patient :p Feel free to hit me up on MSN sometime or PM me and I can write up a lil arc for us in no time.
    12. Martzu
      Good to hear XD
    13. MK Ultra
      TWO menos bro. It was kinda random cause we were bored but I decided to make it a small part of the beginning of Mikama;s character development arc.
    14. Martzu
      If you need to tell me something via MSN, then it might take a while.
    15. Martzu
      Then you must send a PM XD
    16. Nat
      yeah dude so am I...
    17. Martzu
      So, what is it? :P
    18. MK Ultra
      Your turn in 12th
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    Dec 12, 1985 (Age: 33)
    Nowhere really, I am sorta a stray college student
    Guitar, drawing, writing, hockey, basketball, videogames


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