May 1, 2009
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Dec 12, 1985 (Age: 33)
Nowhere really, I am sorta a stray college student

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The Cake is a Lie, 33, from Nowhere really, I am sorta a stray college student

There are two very attractive females that are cleaning my apartment and get mad every time I try to do anything. Am I crazy? Mar 18, 2011

    1. Martzu
      And unfortunately it has to wait a bit. I'll be on vacation for next few weeks.
    2. Hara
      How's the weather?

      Is this one of those conversation openers I hear about?
    3. shadowNIN
      WHAT are u talking about punishment
    4. Kyto
      Gonna wait for NIN to post a response to your post in the second before I write up something
    5. Kyto
      Posted in 2nd, sorry for taking so long had some RL things to take care of
    6. Hara
      Telling Kisada to hurry up would help, been trying to rp with him for the past week while he's been on vacation. Hara will probably go to the academy afterwards, so you can meet me there or the sixth division.
    7. Nuggett420
      sounds good man much appreciated
    8. Hara
      "Physical Characteristics: Height- 6' Weight- 205 lbs Eyes- A deep, striking blue Hair- The color is a dark brown that almost looks black. It is quite rough and uneven. It sticks out in random directions with a lock of hair resting right between his eyes and ending mid nose. His hair forms into a wavy sort around his face. It has a disheveled look with bits and pieces sticking up, but most of it goes down"

      I can only go by what I'm given :) I'll edit now that I know tho.
    9. ~Senso~
      Hey Janza i posted to you in the 11th didnt no if youd bother reading it because we dont really know each other. Just a friendly heads up.
    10. Martzu
      I would appreciate if you'd do it. My fever haven't come down at all. So donno when I can concentrate long enough to sit down and write proper post.
    11. MK Ultra
      what is your e-mail?
    12. MK Ultra
      did you get my msn invite?
    13. MK Ultra
      I sent you an add request.
    14. MK Ultra
      Do it. Martzu is pretty much the only active healer anyway. Yeah, add me on msn. I had to go visit some family for a bit but I am home again now lol
    15. MK Ultra
      lol. Makoto to the rescue!!!! (and to pick your dyin arse up off teh floor :P)
    16. Hara
      Hobble on over, lol. Shane isn't posting anyway.
    17. Martzu
      Well, I am not up to do much. Have been sick for past week. My ability to consentrate on things is way low atm. If you don't have a rush with Janza, I'll help with Hikage-chan.
    18. Kyto
      No lol, Shane sorta threw a curveball at me so I'd thought I'd make sure you knew what was going on before you posted something thats all
    19. Kyto
      Dude I'm carrying Janza's near dead corpse to the 4th now
    20. Clay
      You are on your own buddy. I can't save Janza from hollows as well.
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    Dec 12, 1985 (Age: 33)
    Nowhere really, I am sorta a stray college student
    Guitar, drawing, writing, hockey, basketball, videogames


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