May 1, 2009
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Dec 12, 1985 (Age: 33)
Nowhere really, I am sorta a stray college student

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The Cake is a Lie, 33, from Nowhere really, I am sorta a stray college student

There are two very attractive females that are cleaning my apartment and get mad every time I try to do anything. Am I crazy? Mar 18, 2011

    1. Nicho Kiennes
      I have posted my good man
    2. Nicho Kiennes
      I will post things are just a bit more busy of late and im a bit drained. Need a holiday lol.
    3. Nicho Kiennes
      You may be waiting a while then lol
    4. Nicho Kiennes
      Poke when u can
    5. Kyto
      I'm planning on coming back, need to get up to speed though. Calling it a night though so we can talk more tomorrow
    6. Kyto
      So uhhh.....hi!
    7. Clay
      Y u no msn?
      1. Janza
        Not enough psycho chickens.
        Jan 20, 2012
      2. Clay
        That makes no sense. Get online and chat with me.
        Jan 20, 2012
    8. Danaki21
      hey janza who turn is it to post?
    9. kronos
      so I'm back wit my tech approved, how do you wanna do this?
    10. Nicho Kiennes
      MSn me if the 'plan' changes at all xD
    11. Lodium
      who you waiting on to post?
    12. Lodium
      wats up? not really on at a pc long enough for msn. you can pm me if needed
    13. Hyura
      aww Q.Q hugs
    14. Kyto
      About to post something in the sixth. You going to wait on Spidey or do you just want to head back to the second with Kyto?
    15. Hyura
      yes, haha i already posted Alyssa for you =D
    16. Hyura
      its okay, =PP
      find you? ;o
    17. Kyto
      All good, my first year of college was at Rutgers majoring in English. Working on your portfolio now can only help. Just sketch whatever comes to mind and keep building on it
    18. Kyto
      That becomes a bit tricky then. Anything involving writing will normally suggest that you have a degree in writing. However if you can wow a studio with your writing they'll usually get in touch for you. Anything involving animation is going to require an art degree. Still even with drawing or writing a portfolio does a lot more to impress than a degree
    19. Kyto
      Actually you'd be surprise how easy learning programming language can be.
    20. Kyto
      I got a degree in Computer Science. Truth be told from what I've seen most studios care more about how good your portfolio is than the name of the school on the degree. Also you pretty much have to be ready and willing to move to find work. A lot of the jobs in the industry are either in Canada or California in North America
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    Dec 12, 1985 (Age: 33)
    Nowhere really, I am sorta a stray college student
    Guitar, drawing, writing, hockey, basketball, videogames


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