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Feb 17, 2019 at 7:47 PM
    1. dragonfrost
      did you ever get an xbox?
    2. n762
      I've always wondered--what's that avatar in your sig?
    3. eddieson
      We haven't had that for over a year now. Since we dropped vB and went to IPB
    4. eddieson
      Go to the top right, and click the arrow near your name. Then click on My Settings, then profile, and then change signature.
    5. eddieson
      Hahah, I think the other ones would be even more hypnotizing.
    6. Clay
      Haoh, could you rename the Arkham thread?
    7. eddieson
      Happy belated birthday to the both of you. ^^
    8. Spidey
      So, i was looking around to find to ask this of and i was given your name since the Gaming Section doesn't have a Mod, you or Superbob would be the next person to talk to.
      I had an idea and i wanted to get your thoughts on it, if you have the time.
    9. Haohmaru
      Yeah, I read that as well. I really don't know. I'll ask around. I'll get back to you once I know more.
    10. eddieson
      All I've seen was this comment someone posted about that clip.
      "This looks like it will be a good movie, but Capcom USA dropped the ball on this if you ask me, they arn't even releasing it on a disk´╗┐ from what I can tell....Its going to be on a Special Juri USB drive that comes with the "Dojo" edition of Super Street Fighter IV"
    11. Atemesk
    12. MD
      It's ok, Haoh. I'm the same.
      And since there's two of us and no one is here to argue with us, that makes our opinion right.
      You been keeping up with House of Five Leaves? There's a certain kind of atmosphere to that show that makes me really enjoy it. I can't explain it, but it's not because it's a good show. It just has an aura about it.
    13. MD
      I watched all of season one, and thought it was really boring, but it seems that everyone else on the forum loves it. I was stunned. Wanted to see if I was the only one who didn't like it.
    14. MD
      Oi Haoh, did you see K-ON? What'd you think of it?
    15. MD
      Oops. :P
      House of Five Leaves was pretty mediocre. Booooring stuff.
      Arakawa is extremely good. Oofuri, I'm watching the first season at the moment to catch up. Thirteen episodes in. The games are very good, but the episodes in-between are a bit boring.
    16. MD
      I'm watching Rainbow, Arakawa (best series of the season so far), B Gata H Kei, Giant Killing, Hakuouki, Heroman, Ichiban Ushiro, House of Five Leaves, Working!! and House of Five Leaves.
      The season so far has been pretty fucking awesome. What are you enjoying the most?
    17. MD
      Yo Haoh, what are you watching from the new season?
    18. Clay
      One of my favorites
    19. Clay
      digging the Golden Boy set dude
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