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RP community revival in progress. May 29, 2013

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Oct 17, 2015
    1. Khari
      Yo~ do you think this RP will take off? :0
      1. Fox_Mysh
        Yes. There's been a lot of interest from others. Keyblade and Andy will for sure join. I expect Shodan, Blue, and others to come too. I'll remind everyone on KM right now.
        Jun 3, 2013
    2. Fox_Mysh
      RP community revival in progress.
    3. Fox_Mysh
      Excitement! Kweezy returns!
    4. Fox_Mysh
      I fear for the digimon RP.
    5. BluewingedD
      yeah I completely forgot, so much going on right now in rl
    6. Fox_Mysh
      I just realized the colors I use for RP character dialogue aren't easy on the eyes in the forum's default skin. Sorry, guys.
    7. Fox_Mysh
      Watching Planetes. SUNRISE just can't do wrong, can they?
    8. Fox_Mysh
      Hurrah for the digimon RP! Now go to sleep, Mysh!
    9. Fox_Mysh
      Wow... I'm rusty. Gimme a few more posts to get in the groove guys. Well at least I'm active again! Woo!
    10. Fox_Mysh
      BAM! Digimon RP posted. Get to it, guys.
      1. MC Clean
        MC Clean
        Im so in man, expect my sign up in the next couple of days
        Jul 9, 2010
    11. JackCook02
      lol eh i had to make another account because my old one got hacked and sent weird emails to everybody then they changed my password is my new one good talkin 2 u again yea i'll keep my eyes on the look out ^^
    12. JackCook02
      do u realize how long i have been looking for you!?? thee who brought me to this sight and asked for me to join MYSZKA! what have you been up too??? u remember me right? cause if you don't i'm going to feel so stupid writing you lol
    13. Fox_Mysh
      — I really miss RP and all you guys. Can't wait until things settle down and I can return.
    14. Shodan
      Hey, Mysh. I just thought… It's been a long time since we've chatted or RPed together. Maybe SL's sudden disappearance had something to do with that, but meh...

      Anyway, just saying hi.
    15. MC Clean
      cool man, cool. Its your guyses turn to post aswell, just so you know. Just reactions, and questions about your training, or something.
    16. MC Clean
      Man, I found the perfect jutsu for Hachirou to learn later on:
      Hachi Senbon no Jutsu
      Rank: C - B
      Range: Mid
      Type: Offense
      Description: This jutsu summons bees that shoot their poisonous stingers at their target.
    17. MC Clean
      I just posted
    18. MC Clean
      Ive just got to go through a small arc part with your new sensei, then I will round you guys up to be put in a squad.
    19. MC Clean
      yo, once you post your first post, I will post as the sensei, rounding you guys up.
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