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May 15, 2009
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Jun 22, 2009
    1. Lemms
      Hellos, I wanted to see if I could use your clan in the Naruto RP. just let me know when you get the chance
    2. MK Ultra
      Your turn to post in Suna. If you want me to edit the little bit of force play then I can, Or you can just post moving ouy of the way or something since my character is out of his mind right now anyway.
    3. MK Ultra
      Hey flare, if you want, you can meet up with my new student at the hakuda training area (the tree)
    4. Sandgolem
      hey flare next week you want to set up a sparring match between our academy characters. It would be a great chance for us both to advance quicker though our training.
    5. MK Ultra
      If you want, I can create another character. I can get a friend to sign up as well and we can join up and form a team?
    6. MK Ultra
      Hrm... Its up to you really. I am in Sunagakure (sand village) . Maybe we could have a 4 person squad with a fifth person as our teacher? I dunno though. Konoha is the most active with maybe the sand village being second most active as there are three or four people posting in there I think.
    7. MK Ultra
      Awesome. i will have to take a look. If you would have come sooner, maybe I could have come and rp'ed with you a bit but i graduated and won't be coming back to the academy for awhile after this little mission I am on.
    8. MK Ultra
      Meh, just rp'ing it up int eh SS and KM rp's lol
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