May 3, 2009
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Path of Radiance

lol wut Feb 22, 2010

    1. . E N T I X
      Thank you Flare!!
    2. Martzu
      lawl, tell me about it =P
      I will watch, but later today.
    3. Martzu
      Haven't had a chance to look the trailer yet. Hopefully will see it soon.
      Stupid work >_<
    4. Yedi
      Well I am a bit but I actually don't have any time at the moment. But I am considering series which I can translate when I have time. If you want tips on good series which doesn't have any translators I can give them to you.
    5. Yedi
      Oh I noticed the other post at the translation forum. I will turn in my application in a week or more and then translate the page.
    6. Yedi
      I will translate. But I don't know which manga I want to translate, I can choose which one to translate right?
    7. Martzu
      Thank you! I know for sure I'll try to have fun and relax a bit. ^^
    8. endomilk
      wait, I wasn't awesome before?
      that's news to me
    9. Clay
      Really? That was actually my least favorite. Interesting indeed. I'll keep practicing.
    10. Clay
      Thanks. I did have one question. Out of the ones I've posted so far, which would you consider the best.
    11. Clay
      Still haven't figured out how to do your style. As soon as I switch to Windows 7 and start using PS, I'll figure it out.
    12. Llian
      Happy New Years Fla~
    13. Clay
      Do you need proofreaders?
    14. Clay
      Enjoy. I know its crap but enjoy anyways.
    15. Spidey
      I should really watch it, but i haven't had any time.

      Where are they in the new anime anyways?
    16. Spidey
      Yeah that is kind of why i brought it up. I was told the rules and it was weeks and/or maybe a month. But trust me, wasn't your fault with the FC lol. I totally forgot that the anime was being recreated.
    17. Spidey
      Wasn't the FMA FC i was talking about in General. I was told, any spoilers about a release were to be put in spoilers for "weeks or a month" after they have been released. It wasn't your fault, i kind of forgot about the new FMA anime that was out lol. So that was totally my bad.
    18. Llian
      Okay then, I'll get started later on today x]
    19. Llian
      Okay I've decided to make either a
      Darker than BLACK
      Or Index tag for you. Which one of those do you want, and possibly with what character.
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