Jan 11, 2009
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With great power, there must also come great responsibility. Oct 18, 2013

    1. eddieson
      Southside, outside, westside let's ride. Eastside right beside Lake Shore Drive, and I'm Chitown's finest. Where you at the whole city's behind us?
    2. Spidey
      also, the Doctor doing Kung fu, just doesn't seem right XD
    3. Spidey
      oh, yeah i forgot about that. But that was like a cartoon i thought, not an anime lol.
      Yeah i guess, they pretty much did that until the Doctor had enough of it lol
    4. Spidey
      i saw a picture, not much animation of him though. They were ok, but the cybermen were never that strong XD
    5. Spidey
      Maybe if they went with Tennant maybe lol. I don't know the style is just so wrong for the people and everything lol.
      Though i admit, the cybermen and Dalheks look good
    6. Spidey
      it may not be real but it just feels so wrong to see it like that lol
    7. Spidey
      what what have they done to doctor who.....
    8. eddieson
      The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.
    9. Spidey
      hmm, that is very true lol. Well i'm not really looking for anything in general, so you can throw fanservice ones my way as well lol
    10. Spidey
      I don't know, doesn't really seem like id like that one XD
    11. eddieson
      My finger is on the button. Push the button?
      1. Thunderbox
        Jan 10, 2011
      2. Ero Sennin 6996
        Ero Sennin 6996
        Hell yeah. Push that mutha*****. Peer presure, man. Push that mutha*****.
        Jan 12, 2011
    12. Spidey
      well i'm willing to give them a try, hit me with them lol
    13. Spidey
      hmm, that is very true i wasn't really expecting all hot girls but man some of the normal ones were awful lol.
      But now i'm out of mangas to read, i did all those read vingland sage and histroie or what ever lol
    14. Spidey
      that is true, other then how a few of the girls dressed from time to time XD. Though, 90% of the girls, normal ones, looked ugly XD
    15. Spidey
      Ok beck was really good lol
    16. Spidey
      I try, but it never works. I usually just want to finish it right when i see it XD. I can't help it when its one i like lol
    17. Spidey
      Lol its kind of weird, which is usually a good thing XD.
      I still cant get over Change 123 being over soon T_T
    18. Spidey
      Yeah, it doesn't seem half bad actually. The whole, loser has something special kind of deal XD
    19. Spidey
      Lol sports one wouldn't work either. But i'm looking at it now, it doesn't seem that bad XD. a bit more down to earth then the ones now
    20. Spidey
      I don't know, i'll give it a look but i remember hearing about it and it really didn't catch my eye. I'll try it out, but didn't seem like it was going to catch my attention.
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