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Scourge of Seven Seas

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Feb 7, 2019
    1. Clay
      I'm posting this here b/c I don't want to spoil this for Saiya.
      I stopped liking it when it got rediculous. Gurrens the size of galaxies and moons, etc.
    2. Clay
      Yea. He seems to think he's the only one who is right.
      I know you and I disagree, but thats subjective. I understand that.
      He doesn't understand disagreements.
    3. Clay
      Don't you get tired of Jacoobass?
    4. S.T.A.L.K.E.R
      never heard of snatch? rocknrolla? those kind of movies?
      well, that's it. and if you haven't watched snatch, then seriously do it.
    5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R
      son, i am disappoint.
      my set is from one of the most awesome movies ever.
      Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
      downloand it and fookin' enjoy it, because you will.
    6. Haohmaru
      That would be amazing. I was freaking pissed when they cut the Whitebeard vs Shanks fight (don't think it was much of a fight though. Just a scruffle or somethign). But still I really wanted to see them fighting. Especially Shanks. I really want to know what's so great about him
    7. Haohmaru
      It would be awesome if the fight in your OP sig would actually happen in the coming OP chapters.
    8. Vigilante
      Where'd you get that insane OP sig?
    9. Kraker2k
      [I]and wow.
      dind't know you have a thing with azn!![/I]

      Its more of a joke thing Azn started ~_~
    10. Clay
      as soon as he was compared to smoker you were butthurt
    11. Clay
      Why would you not like him? Hmm. I have several answers, but you'd get butthurt over all of them. And by the way, I supported Ice's comparison.
    12. Clay
      It doesn't make him a bad character. You just don't like him. I'm not pathetic. Tbh, comparing Smoker with Wolverine is high praise from a comic fan like me. You just got butthurt over it.
    13. Clay
      Your opinion is wrong. You really don't know the Wolverine character. Really, STFU about shit you do not know.
    14. Trejo
      You need to link me to where your getting all these coloured OP pics.

      Hancock FTW!
    15. Digital Masta
      colored sigs aren't all that important to me.
    16. Spidey
      I'm just saying. If they have a large base in comic books, then yes that is fine. I'm talking about characters that aren't known for being comic book characters and not disney cartoon characters. That's all i'm stating.
    17. Spidey
      It was based off the design from the movie, but the character came from a comic book first. I don't care if its based off a movie thing, i posted it so it would still be in my rules.

      Do i really need to state that? That would be stupid, i would think that people who come into the comic book section and make a thread saying comic customs i would think people wouldn't be posting pictures of any cosplay they can find even if it had the smallest bit of comic book back ground. But i guess i kinda of thought too highly of people.
    18. Spidey

      I'm not going to spam the thread to agrue with you. In a comic section, i posted a thread about comic customs. I would think, most people would post pictures of characters based off comics first and known for comics and not for being apart of some disney thing and little comics for kids.

      And all the pictures you posted are most likely illegal as well, All characters are trademarks for the compnay that owns them. It only becomes illegal when someone is selling it for gain and calling it there own.
    19. bleachboy808
      sorry, will fix
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