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Taking an interwebs break for awhile... Jun 14, 2010

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    1. Vigilante
      lol dussan
    2. Vigilante
      Delph, you're a badass. Come to the SS RP where many of your kin dwell.
    3. Delpheous
      Taking an interwebs break for awhile...
    4. XandorXerxes
      I liked it a lot, just never got around to finishing it.
    5. Vigilante
      She was using a mixture of long range attacks and kidou as well as in shikai. With the first chapter she didn't have time for any of that shit. Shinigami at that level aren't that fast. It was either save the boy, or make a solid kill and Ichigo dies.
    6. Vigilante
      Aight, even if I give you that, it's a fact she isn't a good zanjutsu or close combat shinigami to begin with. If she had some range and didn't have so much pressure she would have killed it easily.
    7. Vigilante
      Remember Kyouraku's third seat? Ya, that is VC level too.
    8. Vigilante
      He ran in at the last second. Remember she is a VC at prolly third seat rank. Also sode no shirayuki requires time to use techniques from it. It would be over before you could say 'lunchmeat' either way.
    9. Vigilante
      Um, she did a sacrificial move thing which required damn good shyunpo. It was a surprise/shock thing. Add in stature and the fact that not all shinigami have good stamina and it makes sense, imo.
    10. Vigilante
      Even so, they did spend some time in emergency training for the war. The Gillian arrancar guy had a haxx-type release. If it was a pure combat one like Grimmjow or the Numeros she would have been mauled.
    11. Vigilante
      Didn't want to post it in one post, but being at VC level is pretty general. There is a vast difference between lieutenant level and the lower rank Gotei 13 shinigami. So it is a pretty general statement
    12. Clay
      A greed
    13. Clay
      I cannot rep you for being one of the more intelligent peeps in the bleach section.
    14. Roman Zaenom
      Hello Delpheous ! Yep, back ! And since I have internet at home now, I'll be there more often. I wasn't online too often the last few months, but when I noticed NM was gone, I thought I wouldn't read any "Delpheous vs forum" threads anymore ;-) and felt quite sad about it. Marlie, Raoul, Tony, Haohmaru, Delpheous and many other nicks I was so glad to see again on this forum...
    15. Nozferatu
      Given how spec- f***k**g-tacular the latest Hellsing OVA was, yes.. very suprising infact. Hellsing is hands down one of the best manga to anime, animes.
    16. Nozferatu
      "I don't care for Vampires" What?
    17. Vigilante
      Don't worry about it. Stats are simply for the academy thread, where you assign points to give others a general idea of where you are headed. It'll also help you gain abilities faster. For example, if you want to have your specialty as zanjutsu, you'll assign the most points to zanjutsu and/or speed.

      After the academy though, it's up to your imagination.
    18. Vigilante
      Oh yeah you don't have to worry about commitment bro. Frosty sometimes posts once every three to four days.
    19. Clay
      thats understandable
      read the 11th tournament especially when shane and me fight
    20. Clay
      I'm with Lugano. Come join us dude.
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