May 1, 2009
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December 12
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radda radda!?, Male, from Awesome Land

    1. MC Clean

      So it seems for you, Mysh, and tit, I will be RPing as your guyses sensei.
    2. MK Ultra
      yes yes, I know that now hahaha, he called me up on the phone to let me know how funny the whole situation was but we decided to leave it as it is because it was entertaining to us both.
    3. Valtir
      Sounds like a pre-Zoom. But yeah, this is TM so it would count. I know how you RP, so you have the green light. Can't wait to see.
    4. Valtir
      Actually, every character is allowed three powers. Can you point me to where it says two so I can fix that.

      Anyways, TM is a sticky power to RP with. Before I allow this, I need to know exactly how his power would work. If it's easier, you can liken it to a canon character so I can get an idea.
    5. Valtir
      The cap for all categories, save for the human specific, is 10,000 itself, which is all the points you have. For obvious reasons, categories referring to skills don't have the same restrictions as "normal" physical trait categories. Sorry that the example wasn't that clear.
    6. ~SL
      Thanks, I'm working on it, but I have a million things to do so it may take a while. Maybe not a million but a lot of people to post for and quite a few things to update.
    7. Shisnopi
      was about to edit that actually :P was re-reading my post.
    8. Shisnopi
      like to play offline guy huh?
    9. MC Clean
      sorry for the wait, started watching a fucked up show with my pops (Tommy) posting, then I gtg to bed, ill post agin in the morning
    10. MC Clean
      well, posted
    11. MC Clean
      oh, have you posted? Ive got lots of time, ill get going.
    12. ~SL
      No prob, just don't want to hold up Keblade or anything.
    13. ~SL
      Eh... Are you going to continue in KM? I kind of need to know, since it's been about a week dude and you're posting elsewhere. Not trying to be hasty or rude, but the Chuunin Exams are approaching so some notification would be greatly appreciated.
    14. Vigilante
      Yo dude I mentioned lefty.... edit your post
    15. Clay
      gonna wait a bit to post
    16. Vigilante
      Well you said you saw it, and now that your character mentioned it I know about it. He was checking himself.
      It's like this
      Teacher: Now do you see the answer to the problem?
      Student: Oh, ok
      But I'll edit it to make more sense.
    17. Vigilante
      Yo, where does it say Roze got hit?
      She never posted it lol. If you can show me.
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    Kaitsuu Aida

    Student Stats
    Kidou: 140
    Reiatsu Control
    Hohou: 90
    Hakuda: 90
    Zanjutsu: 50

    Stats: 610

    Stamina: 90
    MP: 90
    Attack: 180
    Defense: 150
    Special Defense: 100
    AP: 185

    Munashii Shukioku/Ten


    December 12
    Awesome Land
    Being Awesome