May 1, 2009
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December 12
Awesome Land

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radda radda!?, Male, from Awesome Land

    1. tylor91
      they're looking for you at KM
    2. Fox_Mysh
      If you're still at all interested in the Digimon RP, you can go ahead and post at any time. I will be sometime soon.
    3. MC Clean
      All your characters and stuff in KM have been accetped man
      go ahead and start postin
    4. MC Clean
      Yo man, lets end Hawashi and Hinshu's part of the fight early, as we need to get trainging if we wanna get both of our things in... as a huge arc is about to come up, and it would suck to be stuck in the middle of training when it happens and have to stop.
    5. MC Clean
      Eh, what is your AIM then, ill try adding you up?
    6. MC Clean
      Is it compatable with MSN?
    7. MC Clean
      LOL, man, nice post, liked the way you broke Hawashi down like that. BTW, you got you MSN back up? It would be easier to talk there.
    8. MC Clean
      Yeah, Ive already posted :P
    9. MC Clean
      Posted, also, with the Iwa and Tyedi arc both in completion, Hinshu is awarded two C rank moves to learn. Tell me which moves you want done in PM, and we'll arrange it.
    10. MC Clean
      Posted in KM.
    11. MC Clean
      Eh, Blue, Im not sure if I read right, but are you getting Inase to move leaves with chakra? If so, Im sorry but those posts were for nothing, as that is not at all possible without Makuton. And please, Im sure it wasnt actually clear or aware, but training techniques like that, that take chakra control and that kind of stuff, has to, I repeat HAS TO, be run by either me or GN. Not just jutsu.
    12. MC Clean
      SL is back mate, your turn again.
    13. MC Clean
      Yo man, around when does Kweezy get on?
    14. MC Clean
      Yo man, we are no continuing Tyedi in Iwa, me and SL posted, so your turn.
    15. MC Clean
      Eh, let me answer this in a PM, I am not sure how much we filled you in...
    16. MC Clean
      Alright, thanks mate~
    17. MC Clean
      I know you are probably aware of this, but this is just main protocol. As of now, Mikoto, is just about at his limit. I like you you described Mikoto only having about 2 minutes left with Ghost Walker, but with the clones, that would have shortened that by less than Half, Be aware that you would barely have anough for one more clone, and to remain as you are.
    18. MC Clean
      We finished up our fight in Tyedi
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    Kaitsuu Aida

    Student Stats
    Kidou: 140
    Reiatsu Control
    Hohou: 90
    Hakuda: 90
    Zanjutsu: 50

    Stats: 610

    Stamina: 90
    MP: 90
    Attack: 180
    Defense: 150
    Special Defense: 100
    AP: 185

    Munashii Shukioku/Ten


    December 12
    Awesome Land
    Being Awesome