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Feb 22, 2010
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so much juicy drama has been keeping me from doing things for TAL I should have done ages ago Oct 6, 2010

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May 4, 2016
    1. Spidey
      I know you're working out the bugs and everything so far, but i just wanted to say that in dark style, you can't see what you're typing because the font is the same color as the box. Was like that when i came here to say this and in the chat box.

      other then that, i like the new facelift
    2. Azusa
      so much juicy drama has been keeping me from doing things for TAL I should have done ages ago
      1. krozar
        Juicy drama? Do tell do tell!
        Oct 9, 2010
    3. Frostbitten
      If I wanted to advertise an One Piece rp, where would I do that in TAL? or is there such a place?
    4. eddieson
      Raug, the yuri smiley, it's still gone. T_T
    5. Azusa
    6. Spidey
      it seems it was me, clearing the browsing history and cookies seemed to fix it.
    7. Spidey
      I don't know if its just me, but when ever i change my ava it doesn't seem to take effect. I change it and save it, but on the forums i still have my old ava. I even go look, and the new one is there but it doesn't seem to change. I logged out and i'm about to clear my cookies and everything and see if that helps.
    8. Azusa
      rofl there goes om
      1. superbob
        bunch of pussy's imo, gotta make sure i can find the manga i want to continue reading elsewhere though, like toriko
        Jul 22, 2010
    9. Haze™
      There aren't any mods positioned at the graphics, thought I'd let you know.
    10. Azusa
      I went to grab a snack and come back and shit blew up.
    11. Azusa
      I be breakin' things.
    12. Drak
      lol thanks.
      it was gonna be a guild logo for a mmo i used to play in the past (neo steam).
    13. JackCook02
      you could probably edit the information box on the peoples profile and make it so that it isn't as long as it is now- make to be as much as the outlined box has it out to be (just a thought- it just looks weird being bunched up like that when the outlined box has it outlined to be bigger)
    14. . E N T I X
      Raug, I know that you are still editing, adjusting and stuff. But the external link in the default skin is now gray instead of white. It's hard to distinguish between the two. I was shocked, thinking all the links are gone from all of the posts. ):
    15. JackCook02
      & where extactly do i leave this feedback in the feedback part? I don't see a place for it (and it could be because i'm tired from working a 12 hour shift)
    16. Martzu
      It works with other skins, but not with TAL Default.
    17. Martzu
      Testing as ordered! :3
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