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May 3, 2009
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Mar 26, 1998 (Age: 21)
Asakura household

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Yoh's Spirit, 21, from Asakura household

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Feb 9, 2010
    1. Trish Pham
    2. Martzu
      Happy birthday! ^^
    3. bleachboy808
      Too bad it's over.... :(
    4. bleachboy808
      Amidimaru pwns!!!!! Go shaman king!
    5. MK Ultra
      yes, I understand that. But I was meaning that your character could have a similar train of thought to Sasuke when he left Konoha. I mean really.... his teacher was Hatake Kakashi and he wants to get stronger with someone else? lol :p What ever you decide its fine with me. We can work things out as the rp goes along
    6. MK Ultra
      I dunno right now. I am pretty sure it will have to wait until after the beginning of the shinobi war. We don't even have to wait until you get stronger. Maybe you could have some kind of personal tragedy happen to you in the middle of the war and decide that your current sensei is sub par and you want to seek out a stronger one.
    7. MK Ultra
      Sure, I see no problem with that XD I dunno how things will be after the war, I may be a high ranking criminal, or maybe the guardian to one of the most powerful people in the ninja world depending on how GN decides to have the plot go. If you really want that to happen, I suppose you gotta be ready for anything. In conclusion, I am up for it if you are (when you get stronger) XD
    8. MK Ultra
      Hehehe, Im sure :P Nice job tryin to cover yer ass lol
    9. GeninNaruto
      Well, that's okay but initially the ability will be very weak and also dependent on the throw force of the kunai. For instance, a strong person wtfthrowing the kunai at him would be able to pierce through.
    10. GeninNaruto
      I haven't yet read up on it yet. Could you give me a quick summary of what he's doing?
    11. Valtir
      Posted, and sorry. Weekend was pretty hectic for me. It's over though, so I won't be this late again any time soon.
    12. Naruto667
      it's quite good, though since your a genin there might still be times when u fall completely into the water, because for example you might have focused too much on the heels..but that's me...overall it's quite good, just keep in mind your a genin, and it's your very first experience focusing chakra on your feet
    13. infinite
      Should be fun rping with you :). Cut me some slack though kinda new at this lol. What times are you usually on?
    14. Valtir
      Sure thing. kEblAdEmAstA offered to be the team sensei when we get a third genin on the team.
    15. Naruto667
      yeah i am sry bout it
    16. Martzu
      You're good to go with your RP. And you have two other RPers than yourself, so all good =)
    17. Falling Angel
      you might check with Yachiru and see
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    Mar 26, 1998 (Age: 21)
    Asakura household